See you when i see you

No, this is not like bang fariz’. Just realize that the title is match with what i want to say in this moment.

I don’t know from where i start, but let’s give a try.

I’ve been using internet since i’m at elementary school. I remembered that moment when i’ve used it for downloading symbian games like Assasins Creed and Miami Nights. It was the best moment ever. I often accessing popular websites like gratisindo and waptrick to downloading music, games, photos and videos.

Long story short, i heard a site named Facebook.

It was very popular site back then, probably until now. From that site, i can share about my story, thoughts, moment, and many more. Also i can meet so many people in that platform. From that, i have lots of friend from there. Also having Blackberry Messenger to reach them personally creates more joy at that moment.

My connection becomes larger when i’m at Junior High School and Senior High School, so much moment happens there. From when i trying to reach my crush to sharing funny moments with my school mates. Then signing up for instagram and twitter brings more joy again.

It was so fun back then.

But now, i think it’s enough.

I don’t get the joy anymore when using those platforms. Everything is different from the past. Also i can’t control myself when using those platforms, like i going randomly commented on others feed, stories, tweets whatever it called without thinking about the impact from it.

I feel demotivated to do my work and hobby when using them as an active user, becoming full time lazy person. My mind feels so heavy because getting so much information from them, it happens unconsciously so i can't filter the information first. Can’t think clearly because of them.

I think now is the right time to say goodbye with those platforms. I know it’s hard, the tradeoff is not fair because i will lost so many things like friends, colleagues, connection that i meet in those worlds, umm i mean platforms.

I was trying so many times to say goodbye from those platforms but in the end i always get back to them and doing the same mistakes unconsciously. That cycles repeat until now.

But now, i trying to be consistent with my decision.

I really want to seeking a peaceful mind, creating happiness, become more productive, enjoying today’s moment, reduce addiction, and living a meaningful life.

Killing myself slowly from that world seems like an interesting and challenging way, and i hope i will not reincarnate again.

I believe that everything will be okay, nothing will change nor no one will be looking for me. And if there is someone looking for me, they will know where they must go.

You can always reach me with stopping by at my contacts page and let’s have a deep conversation only between us.

So, see you when i see you!

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